Current archaeology
The development of archaeology involves not only the study of fundamental problems of the origin, prosperity and decline of ancient cultures by excavation of archaeological sites and interpret the artifacts…

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Ancient slonomysh found paleontologists in Uruguay
Amazing discovery made by European paleontologists in South America. On the territory of Uruguay they found slonomysh - the unusual remains of an ancient rodent, which weighed about a ton…

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In Ussuriisk have unearthed a rich ancient Buddhist temple

During the excavation of an ancient Buddhist settlement in Ussuriysk found a rich Buddhist temple, located in the former Imperial Palace. The tribes that inhabited the territory of Primorye in the XII century, were destroyed with the arrival of the Tatar-Mongol yoke.

Where once was an ancient castle, now should appear a normal residential house. While on a platform behind a high fence builders came, in the sweat of archaeologists working here. Deep in the earth they looking for its Palace of mystery. Rare case when Maritime archaeologists conduct excavations right in the city. Usually in the summer they can be found either in the fields or in the forest, far from civilization.

Ussuriisk and its surroundings have long attracted the attention of scientists, because here thousands of years ago there was a settlement to the Jurchen. The times when the Jurchens lived on the territory of modern Primorye, dated the XII century. And just in the area of today’s Ussuriysk, they founded their capital.

The Jurchens professed Buddhism, and the majority of the finds here has something to do with religion. One of them has led archaeologists to believe that were here and rich Buddhist temple. As found NTV correspondent Igor Sorokin, a Buddha figure with detailed facial features, archaeologists found for the first time.

Outside the Imperial divorceonline and dwellings of ordinary people. To restore the outline of the house in full, the ground it is necessary to remove thin layers.

Since 2000 in the Ussuriysk archaeologists conduct excavations, where, under a layer of modern construction at a depth of two metres are the remains of the ancient city.

– In 2013, on the Lermontov street we found a very interesting structure that dates from the beginning of the 13th century. We believe that this is a large Buddhist temple. Of course, he was already destroyed modern buildings. The roof was supported on pillars, it was a very majestic building with an area of about 400 square meters. Interesting that we found a well-preserved decoration of the roof – a very large and unusual a dragon’s head, – tells Nadezhda Artemyeva. – This year we have continued to explore this place. Two months worked on the Ussuri and our excavations have yielded a great discovery – we find the Buddha’s head. And there we found a very large image of a Phoenix bird.

SYNOPSIS: the Jurchen are an ancient people who lived on the territory of modern Primorye in the X-XIII centuries. Among their occupations are agriculture, animal husbandry, handicraft production, and trade with China and Japan. The Jurchen had developed a written language. The ruins of the cities of this nation are found throughout the territory of Primorsky Krai.

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