How are archaeological excavations
Unearth — so as to raise the entire thickness of the earth, which for centuries and millennia were deposited by winds, torrents of water have been compounded by the remains…

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Forbidden archaeology. What is being hidden?
Just need to make a reservation, that scientists in every way by hook or by crook to hide this information, because it does not fit into those foundations of peace,…

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7 mysteries that archaeologists will be able to solve in this century

The equipment for light detection and range finding will give archaeologists the ability to literally “see” under thick cover of jungle in places like Honduras and Belize. With his help they will be able to determine the location of settlements, the existence of which we were not even aware.

2. The discovery of burial sites of Genghis Khan or Alexander the Great.

Using images from satellites and ground penetrating radar, archaeologists will be able to find the tomb of Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great. It’s only a matter of time, because the more stations they can test, the greater the likelihood that they will be able to make the opening.

3. The entrance to the mausoleum of the first Emperor of China.

Archaeologists know where the burial of Qin Shi Huang, but for over 2 thousand years they were afraid to enter his mausoleum, because the damage was too great. Modern equipment can help us learn more about the internal structure of the mausoleum, and over time, archaeologists will be able to send tiny robots that will collect all the necessary information without damaging the tomb.

4. The clue of the mysterious language of the ancient Minoans.

The Minoan civilization was discovered over a hundred years ago, but to decipher their language has failed. But now, when the disposal of the scientists is the supercomputer IBM Watson and similar equipment, anything is possible.

5. The understanding of the purpose of the Nazca geoglyphs.

All the theories scientists about what these intricate geoglyphs in Peru until more than guesswork. Powerful computers that can analyze a huge number of archeological and geographic information, will help to cope with this task.

6. Find preserved Neanderthal.

Ice sheets and glaciers continue to melt due to global warming, so it is likely that one day scientists will discover a perfectly preserved Neanderthal.

7. Confirmation of a large-scale presence of Vikings in North America.

Global warming heats not only the glaciers. Hibert predicts that the thawing of the coast of Canada will unveil a series of Viking settlement, whereby humanity will have to rewrite the whole history of the discovery of America.

Alien guest. In the Chelyabinsk region found the skeleton of a strange
During excavations on the territory of the reserve "Arkaim" was found a skeleton with a skull of unusual elongated shape. Version about the ownership of the remains of the alien…


In the cave of the Altai Terrible found a 50-year-old human remains
Scientists of Novosibirsk state University (NSU) and the Institute of archaeology and Ethnography of the Siberian branch of the RAS during the archeological excavations found in Scary cave (Altai territory),…