Black diggers - as in Mongolia mine gold
A huge number of gold mining companies will alter the natural landscape of Mongolia. The number of disappeared rivers and lakes increases, the area becomes like a desert – all…

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How are archaeological excavations
Unearth — so as to raise the entire thickness of the earth, which for centuries and millennia were deposited by winds, torrents of water have been compounded by the remains…

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Archaeology – Perunica

In 1939 the American archaeologist Paul Cosquer, flying over the Peruvian desert of Nazca, saw the giant ground drawings of animals, birds, insects. For a long time it was believed that in Russia such giant figures, scientifically – geoglyphs, and there can not be. And suddenly sensation! No less amazing artifact was found in the southern Urals, near Chelyabinsk.

In 2005 Omsk University has released a small edition collection of scientific articles “of the Russian Culture in archaeological research” one of the works which for many years gives me peace. It is a small, two page article by A. Novikov and Yu shuklina “the woman’s Burial in the prison Saleperson”

Belsky Gorodishche — the site of ancient settlement of Scythian time (the late. VIII-beginning of III century BC), situated on a hill in the area between Vorskla and R. R. Dry Grun near the village of Belsk Kotelevsky district, Poltava region of Ukraine.

A short film about the archaeological monuments on the confluence of the Okhta river into the Neva river in St. Petersburg. As a result of excavations in recent years discovered there is a whole layer cake of settlements of different periods – the Swedish fortress Nienschanz and Landskrona, ancient settlement and the largest in the North-West of the Neolithic site. Specialists believe it obtained during excavations of scientific information will substantially change our predstavleniyam the history of the Prinevsky region and the prehistory of St. Petersburg.

To begin with, that I beg you not to tempt myself with the desire to find that person to communicate with him. He avoids contact just because of their age. As a rule, the information about it in the first place because they want to look for the treasure. HUNTERS PLEASE DO NOT WORRY.

Discusses the various categories of sources, discovered during archaeological excavations of monuments of Ancient Russia, including birch bark manuscripts, stamps on the blades, graffiti on coins, etc.

The nobility in Russia from the twelfth century gained great influence, as evidenced by the funerary complexes. One of them is the burial mounds of XII – beginning of XIII century near the village of Ivanovo (Tver region), excavations conducted by archaeologists in 1967. In large mounds with a rich and varied inventory buried, probably nobles. In small barrows without grave goods buried boyar servants and slaves. The appearance of the kriviches ‘ boyar restored based on the study of skeletal remains in one of the richest burials Vorovskogo burial.

Near the monastery, hidden in the woods, stood a small stone chapel. No one knows who built it there. The monks of St. Ciaran denied knowing about her origins. This place had nothing to do with them, and they never went there. A small chapel was abandoned and fell to decay, and were fraught, as we have discovered, a temptation.From novices who first found obscene statue, I don’t know. This discoverer would have to have incredibly sharp eyesight, for the statue was hiding among the stones forming the entrance to the chapel, and noticing it was almost impossible.

In early medieval Europe, swords were regarded as a necessary battle, and at the same time as a prestigious weapon. Scientists have been trying to solve the mystery about the place of manufacture of these swords. New research findings on the territory of ancient Russia, pushing the solution of this complicated problem.

Each mound holds a secret. Unsophisticated to understand its hard, but archaeologist who has investigated hundreds of ancient tombs, often even able to forecast the upcoming opening. However, the fact that the shore in one of the mounds near Tokmak, did not expect even the most seasoned researchers. In the course of excavations were born different assumptions, but their total result, and subsequent research has stunned all.

Unusual archaeological finds in an ancient mound.
Unusual artifacts were found in an ancient mound. On the vast territory between the Danube and the Don rises a lot of mounds. They remained here from the tribe of…


Profession archaeologist
Brief description: (concept, introduction to the profession, the essence of the profession, General description, main features, information about the profession) Archaeologist — a scientist who studies the life and culture…