Danish archaeologists during an open lecture at Kazan Federal University presented the results of their five-year excavations in the Crimea
Simferopol, January 22. Kryminform. In the Crimean Federal University named after V. I. Vernadsky University was held a public lecture scientists-archaeologists at Aarhus University (Denmark) –professors Jens Andresen and Vladimir…

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PSU named after S. Toraigyrov was visited by a group of foreign scientists from UK, Germany and Denmark engaged in natural science research, anthropological and paleontological materials received by archaeologists…

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In Latin America, archaeologists have discovered ancient pottery

Professionals from the Novosibirsk Institute of archaeology and Ethnography during excavations in Ecuador have discovered the oldest ceramics in South America. Fragments of dishes and household items are among the most ancient of all artifacts of this type found in Latin America.

Excavations were conducted in the desert of the Peninsula of Santa Elena, 1.5 km from the ocean.

“If someone thinks that it looks like the wet tropics, they’re wrong.”

“For the first time we managed to consolidate the transition, which is particularly important for archaeologists, layer over layer, the transition from a culture of “beskaragaiskiy” culture of ceramic”. The first confirmation of this were found in Novosibirsk in 2014-m to year.

Turkey relies on the stabilization of relations with Russia after the incident with su Ankara and Damascus claim to be a small spike jutting out into the territory of Syria, who, may be. and began to fly Russian aircraft.

Kotokafe in St. Petersburg’s “cats Republic” carried out the action on distribution of cats In the city is a monthly exhibition and adoption of cats and dogs shelters “Second chance” and whiskered residents of the Hermitage. Since 1764 the duties of the animal entered the protection of the Royal picture galleries from rats.

Rosselkhoznadzor for the Kaliningrad region returned to Turkey 54 coneguring meat Also recently was returned to Turkey for 54 tons of chicken meat due to the fact that in one of the containers found traces of re-marking. Seven batches minced surimi frozen, weighing 153 tons entered the ports of Baltiysk and Kaliningrad.

At excavation the Russians met about 30 figurines of clay and stone, and equipment for the manufacture of pottery and painting. According to the researchers, it could be a family of 2 people.

Novosibirsk archaeologists and their foreign staff have brought us closer to unlocking the formation of pottery on the American continent.

At the moment, the remains can be studied on the genetic material, and genetic analysis should help to establish whether there were buried in family relationships and to shed light on the nature of the original colonization of America.

“When we talk about large earthen platforms, we’re talking about civilization, since we are talking about monumental structures”.

Forbidden archeology
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Forbidden archaeology. What is being hidden?
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