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Black diggers – as in Mongolia mine gold

A huge number of gold mining companies will alter the natural landscape of Mongolia. The number of disappeared rivers and lakes increases, the area becomes like a desert – all because of gold mining. In addition to officially registered companies (from Russia, Japan, China, etc. (total 23 countries) miners of gold, there are so-called “black diggers”, which are one of the main problems of Mongolia.

Due to the economic situation in the world, the locals of the Mongols, replaced with this “black” business even gastrabayterov from China and began to engage themselves in this “clandestine” activity. Traditional Mongolian tent

Currently in Mongolia there are more than 100 thousand people are engaged in illegal gold mining. Photo: old Russian van production on someone’s yard.

The bulk of “black diggers” are residents of the villages — former shepherds, seekers of a better life. They long ago abandoned their traditional occupation, have sold all their cattle and began to engage in illegal gold mining.

Here they are, digging pits to the South-West of Ulaanbaatar.

The main places of gold production “black diggers” – this is the officially the gold mining companies have done their development. “Black diggers” dig into the long-closed waste dumps at the former propylenecarbonate and pan for gold, the old-fashioned way, by hand.

Very often, these diggers with their families live in the immediate vicinity of the excavations, and their children do not attend schools.

The disappearance of hundreds of lakes and rivers associated with gold mining in the upper reaches of rivers. Error one Chinese company that designed HPPs in 2007, is Mongolia’s very expensive. This dam completely blocked the river, resulting in hundreds of miles below this dam the river dried up. This entailed the disappearance of 950 small rivers.

Standard working place of “black digger”.

Horrible conditions for the existence of the families of the “black diggers”, the close proximity to the salty, developed by industrial enterprise, lay their imprint on the lives of young born in such circumstances children — have been cases of birth of children with various pathologies. This is attributed to the fact that manufacturers use in gold mining toxic substances such as mercury, potassium cyanide, etc. and men diggers digging in these poisoned sites.

But other than that, they were waiting for danger at every moment. During the scree they could die too.

For his work “black diggers” constantly are behind a metal green pots.

Because of the form they call “ninjas”, as they become like the heroes of a popular cartoon about the ninja turtles.

The vast settlements in the river valleys, are engaged in illegal gold mining. From small to great family member crawling along rivers and streams, digging in the ground looking for gold.

In these new settlements created even various entertainment “complexes”. Well-established trading and service, developed various services such as repair, Barber, etc.

Mined gold along with the dirt is filled in such separators.

As a whole, the production is not the most technologically.

Determination of the purity of the gold at the plant North of Ulan Bator.

Picking up crumbs under the official gold miners, “black diggers” in Mongolia is mined, according to various estimates, up to 5-6 tonnes of gold per year.

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