PSU named after S. Toraigyrov was visited by a group of foreign scientists from UK, Germany and Denmark engaged in natural science research, anthropological and paleontological materials received by archaeologists…

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Alien guest. In the Chelyabinsk region found the skeleton of a strange
During excavations on the territory of the reserve "Arkaim" was found a skeleton with a skull of unusual elongated shape. Version about the ownership of the remains of the alien…

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In Crimea, declared war on “black diggers”

The Crimean authorities are fighting illegal archaeological excavations. Now on the Peninsula are more than nine thousand monuments of cultural heritage. For a long time the historical territory remain unattended, and thus, were available to “black diggers”. The robbers took thousands of precious artifacts that ended up in private collections.

The territory of Greek settlement in Koktebel – a real Klondike for hunters for antiquities. These pits – traces of “black diggers”. The price of one here was found ancient coins reaches 15 thousand dollars. But in the pursuit of gold destroyed other artifacts.

“In the layer could be different vessels. In this case, the moulded broken vessel. Amphorae. Black lacquer dishes,” says archaeologist Alexander Gavrilov.

To the new owner valuable archaeological finds from the Crimea was illegally. On European closed auctions they were transported through Ukraine. After the reunification of the Peninsula with Russia that the flow has stopped. But Crimean artifacts are still in high demand on the black market. The so-called “black archeologists” in Crimea are almost not hiding.

For the entrepreneur Sergey Radchenko search for artifacts as a hobby.Once a week he travels with a metal detector on nature. Where there is already ongoing archaeological excavations – it does not work. Says he is interested in everyday objects found in frontier territories. And if according to the Ukrainian laws such trips were allowed, then in Russia it can fine and confiscate the equipment.

“The option to ban at all, it’s not the way out. Need more protect, Finance to provide for the protection of archaeological objects,” the Amateur archaeologist Sergei Radchenko.

Crimean law enforcement officers and historians to conduct joint raids. Residents are asked to contact the police if you see someone with a metal detector. In the Committee on the protection of cultural heritage refer to these measures as justified. Over the last ten years from the Crimea were transported hundreds of rare and expensive items for millions of dollars.

“We see the destroyed fields, ploughed out burial mounds that had been looted. I can only guess that it was extracted from there. Not necessarily items made of precious metals. And amphorae. All this was marketing,” says an employee of the state Committee for the protection of cultural heritage of the Republic of Crimea Vyacheslav Zarubin.

To stop the work of “black archeologists”, the authorities intend systematic excavations. Now set up a schedule and place for archeologists. Already this year, together with the Crimean scientists after a long break, excavations will be released dozens of international and Russian scientific expeditions.

In Ussuriisk have unearthed a rich ancient Buddhist temple
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