10 greatest archaeological discoveries of the past year
A list of the main archaeological discoveries of the past 2010 published by the magazine Archaeology, published by the Archaeological Institute of America. It's not just about the archaeological findings,…

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"Black diggers" in Buryatia jade mixed with another mineral
Illegal getters of jade mined rock in Barguzinsky and Kurumkansky district, drove there a special technique. However, all in vain, as there is simply no jade, there's only like him…

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Ulan-Ude may become one of the most ancient cities of Russia

The press service of the city hall of the city of Ulan-Ude on the eve of August 7 reported that the age of the capital of Buryatia’s accession Hun excavations of the settlement could increase by almost 2 thousand years, making it the oldest city in Russia . — transfers “Interfax”.

It is noted that the Republic has already begun legal registration of the new age status of the city.

The Ministry of property and land relations of Buryatia supported the idea of accession of Hun settlement to Ulan-Ude, and prepared the corresponding letter to the Ministry of culture, said in a statement.

Earlier, city hall had appealed to the President of Buryatia Vyacheslav Nagovitsyna to consider the transfer of the settlement from the Hun Ivolginsky district of the city of Ulan-Ude.

“It would give grounds Ulan-Ude to claim the title of one of the most ancient cities of Russia and, of course, would increase the flow of tourists in Buryatia,” — said in a press release.

Because the majority of excavations located in the territory of the neighboring district, the city authorities have no legal grounds to maintain order on the territory of the ancient city and promote it as a Museum and tourist attraction, said the press service.

In early September, the city of Ulan-Ude will celebrate 345 years . It takes its origin from the Verkhneudinsk Cossack Ostrog . built on the confluence of the rivers UDA and Selenga rivers .

Huns — nomadic people who emerged in 2-4 centuries in the Ural region of Turkic Huns mestnyh Ugric peoples and Sarmatians . The mass movement of the Huns to the West (with the 70 years of the 4th century) gave impetus to the Great migration. Western Roman Empire used the Huns as allies in the struggle with the Germans. In 395-397, the Huns devastated Syria, Cappadocia and Mesopotamia . in 408 the city invaded Thrace . in 415, in Illyria . in 420, settled in Pannonia .

The greatest power they had reached under Attila . In the year 447 the Huns carried out a devastating campaign on the Eastern Roman Empire, reaching Constantinople . In 451 Attila, with all subject to him tribes invaded Gaul . The Huns laid siege to Orleans .

Promotion of the Huns to the West was halted by their defeat by the troops of the Western Roman Empire and its allies in 451 on the catalaunian plains (to the West of Troyes . France).

Archaeologists from the USA will conduct excavations in the Transbaikal, in order to understand how the Siberians settled in America
Archaeologists at the University of Washington led by Professor Ian Busicom will conduct excavations in the South-West TRANS-Baikal region. Experts hope to learn the basic steps of prehistoric people in…


In Latin America, archaeologists have discovered ancient pottery
Professionals from the Novosibirsk Institute of archaeology and Ethnography during excavations in Ecuador have discovered the oldest ceramics in South America. Fragments of dishes and household items are among the…