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The archaeologists found about 900 artifacts of medieval Moscow in XVII century wooden bridge in Zaryadye

Wooden pavement of the seventeenth century, which marks the route known from historic plans curve lane found during archaeological excavations in the Eastern part of Zaryadye, where the site of the demolished hotel “Russia” Park is under construction. About it has informed journalists the General Director of LLC “Capital archaeological Bureau” Konstantin Voronin.

According to him, on the pavement, archaeologists found about 900 artifacts which attest the trade and the everyday life of the medieval Moscow.

“The development of this place started in the XVI century and so most of the findings related to the XVI century, but mainly from the XVII century. All in all we have about 900 pieces. This extraordinary cultural richness of the remnants of the layers of Zaryadye. We get about 10 individual finds on 1 sq m of excavation. That’s a lot,” said K. Voronin.

In particular, on the pavement have found a Swedish coin, fragments of the score and wrote – these findings say about active trading in the area, including foreign countries. In addition, in the area of the curve lane was found a fragment of metal chain mail, which, according to experts, suggests that they were inhabited by professional soldiers and wealthy people.

“The district was elitist to some extent,” said K. Voronin.

According to him, many artifacts testify to the life of medieval Moscow: the scallops for men’s beards, agrosecurity bear the mid-seventeenth century, the iron key from the medieval castle, utensils, woven wool belt, crucifix, clay tiles, etc.

“This suggests that in the mid-seventeenth century, Moscow was a very prosperous city and the population of this city lived in very good abundance. This is an extremely important find. We were able to reliably localize the ancient Moscow street and we had the opportunity to link all these artifacts to specific buildings, structures and even perhaps the owners of these territories. But our future studies,” said K. Voronin.

He also added that in the near future, experts will begin excavations on a more ancient site of Zaryadye, the development of which started around the thirteenth century. There you can find artifacts that date back approximately XV century. And already have archaeologists found on the site completely preserved the lamp of the fifteenth century.

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